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    So, I ordered an item from a California vendor, via Amazon, over a week ago.
    A day or two later, on the 5th, I received shipping notification, with a tracking number.
    FFWD to the 12th, and it’ still shows only as “label created” in FedEx’s tracking system.
    FedEx CS insists that it hasn’t been picked up because, even if the driver forgot to scan it, it would be scanned at the receiving station.
    The vendor insists it went on the truck, and is sitting there awaiting FedEx’s attention. They claim that it’s occurring to numerous vendors in Cali, and they had over 45 orders go out in the last week that only started showing movement today.
    If they’re pulling my leg, I’d rather get a refund processed sooner than later, and order from another vendor. OTOH, I don’t mind waiting a few more days, if it’s in the system and only delayed.
    Anyone else hear about, or experience, similar current issues with California vendors and FedEx?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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